Rioja Trinity

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Everyone loves a Rioja and this collection is fine example for its ageing process. Rioja is a region- not grape- with Tempranillo being the main grape.

However, there are other fantastic grapes that are grown in the region and the Graciano is one we wanted to showcase. We'll be honest with you, we never knew about it either but it’s a game changer and has been on our wine list ever since we discovered. Medium bodied, with a rich but elegant palate of dark fruits, coffee and sweet spice with a soft finish.

The Rioja Reserva is an award-winning wine from Ondarre. Reserva wines are always aged a minimum of 3 years. This process will soften the wine and give more complex notes that can only be achieved over time. Expect vanilla, spice and a smooth long finish.

Quasar Gran Reserva is a wine that has been aged in barrel for a minimum of 5 years using only the finest grapes. Letting this wine breathe before drinking will open it up and allow it to express its smoky tobacco, chocolate and earthy notes.